Saturday, January 09, 2010

murphy's law

My dad was very found of referring to Murphy's Law. Very fond. To the point that my mother would get frustrated every time he would mention it. And today, I'm going to follow in his footsteps...frickin' Murphy's Law hit again. Had another rough night of the toss-turn variety. Getting way too familiar with what is on television at three and four in the morning. Finally managed to drift into a sort-of-kind-of sleeplike state around 5am...

....and my mobile phone rings around 5:45am.

So now I'm awake, but very groggy. I try the tricks [reading, solitaire, watching telly], no joy. Hours later, finally, finally, finally get my brain to settle down a bit and am lying there in that weird "mind is just wandering and things are all disconnected, not asleep yet, but could drop off at any time" state...

....and the phones in the house all start ringing. With a call from a telemarketing company. Who hang up just as I fumble the phone to my ear.

Stupid Murphy and his stupid law.

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