Friday, April 30, 2010

a few more pics

Lots more pics to post eventually, but here are a few choice ones to give a small sample of what we walked into, including proof that it was indeed a bear.

Rather impressive tooth holes in some cans:

Our CSI-honed skills led us to this incriminating evidence, found amidst a slurry of cocoa powder, baked beans, and tuna (soda can added for scale):

And proof of the identity of the intruder (click to see it a bit more clearly):

(Note to self: next time you go to stay at a friend's cabin in the mountains, send a scouting party in first.)

1 comment:

Rowlock said...

Woah. That is indeed a big ol' bear print. O.o

Hope the rest of your weekend is proving to be more of a relaxing time, and less with the ursine surprises!

( Splendid timing for a wilderness getaway, btw. Very well done indeed. ;P )