Tuesday, June 08, 2010

brain dump

Not a lot of interest in posting lately...quick sum-up of some things so I'll have it to look back on later:

* spent a day down in Santa Cruz with the Hughes gang [the Hugheseses]...good talks, good food, good time. Met her hog-nosed snake [adorable], had some really good conversations, some strong drinks, nice walks on the sand as we headed to a yummy lunch. They are some of Will's colleagues through NANOG and GPF, so I really enjoyed hanging with "my people" [aka geeks/dorks/nerds]. As a cool note, one half of the Hugheseses is also a blonde, green-eyed, MINI-driving Stac[e]y...can't go wrong with that.

* concert up in San Francisco...3OH!3 were the reason we went, also saw I Fight Dragons and Travie McCoy [of Gym Class Heroes, doing his solo Lazarus Project thing]. 3OH!3 were quite good, full of energy and more edgy in person than I expected...definitely worth trekking up to SF for. I Fight Dragons were fun...they had a Nintendo controller, Power Glove, and Power Pad, all attached to a synth. The chick wearing the glove used them to play tunes on the synth, with cool 8-bit tones. A good night.

* playing with Will's dog Darwin. He used to be quite annoying...cute dog, but had some bad habits and had been allowed to get away with a lot of stuff that he shouldn't have been. We've been spending time with him, training him, playing with him, and he's gotten quite adorable. Got a good harness for him and took him out for a walk and he did great. He's getting the hang of chasing after a toy and bringing it back, and it's fun to get him running back and forth. He's gone from being a spoiled little annoyance to a quite awesome little guy.

* CA Geeks dinner in SF...this one was very cool, but a little sad for me personally: it was at a German restaurant in SF, with some pretty tasty authentic German food...and I kept thinking "I've got to tell Dad about this place" [sigh]. But other than that, it was fun...eight of us, drinking beer [one guy got the 2-liter boot...that was a LOT of beer], eating spaetzle and schnitzel and sausage and potatoes and apple strudel. Another good time hanging with geeks...yay.

* some random little things: a day at the San Francisco Zoo. Watching the finale of LOST. Working through season five of Supernatural [and absolutely loving the song 'O Death' and the scene it was used in...seriously, check it out on youtube]. Dealing with Taz's glands [Will's other dog...her anal glands got infected (ew)]. Booking the trip to Vegas to see Blue Man Group. Getting the tickets ordered for Dropkick Murphys in Reno for me, Will, and our friend Kim [who is a big fan also]. Will's place getting egged [third vandalism there in a year...sigh]. My palm healing, but the scar tissue inside the wound making it annoying and less than 100%...the only way to fix it would be surgery to open it up and dig it out, and even that's no guarantee it wouldn't just scar up again. Termite spraying at my place, forcing me to move everything away from the walls in my garage and not being able to park in it...and then the landlord forgetting to fax in the release, so it got delayed by another week. The folks at the car dealership scratching Will's car, forcing them to get it taken care of by a body shop at their own expense [sadly, I just can't recommend MINI of Mountain View anymore...they've really gone downhill]. A rough phone call with a close friend, followed a week later by another one. Playing through messages on my phone, and forgetting that there was one from Mom there.

It sounds like a lot has been going on, and yeah, there have been busy times, but basically I've been lying low. Kind of struggling right now, and I've been avoiding folks who were part of my life before everything happened...I guess I don't know how to deal with more questions and looks and loving attempts to keep me busy and distracted. A couple of folks I'm close to are going through some personal crises of their own, so I don't want to pile on and add to their stress...my situation will just take time to work through, theirs are a bit more immediate. But with Mom's birthday just past and Dad's coming up [not to mention the over-saturation of Mother's and Father's Day reminders during the same time period], I'm kind of at a loss. The weird thing is that I haven't been able to cry for a long while now...when you don't want to, you can't help it; when you need the catharsis, you can't.

Time. That's what it takes. But damn it, moving forward one second at a time is so frustratingly *slow* sometimes...