Sunday, August 29, 2010

baby on board

My first!!

The dark one on the log in front is mine, the albino one in the far back [behind the candy cane one] is Will's [this pic was taken at the pet store before we brought them home]. They are 3-5 month old corn snakes, about 12" long right now and a little thinner than your pinky...they'll grow to about 4 to 6 feet long [how cool is that??].

I've named mine "Mal", both as a nod to the most awesome rebel Browncoat Malcolm Reynolds and to the snaky Malfoy family from the Harry Potter series. Double dork snake. :^)

A pic of Mal exploring his new home:

The freezer at the store had broken, so they didn't have any food for the snakes that day; since it was the day they normally got fed, we got to feed them ourselves after we got them home. We bought some frozen pinkies [teeny tiny frozen baby mice], popped a couple into a ziploc bag, and submerged the bag in a container of hot water to warm them up. An hour or later, we put a nice and warm mouse into a small plastic bin, add a baby snake, then sit back and watch the show.

It was *awesome*. So frickin' fascinating to watch this adorable little snake snarf down a mouse bigger than its head. Nature is astounding sometimes.

Will's snake is a beautiful white/pink, and a bit longer than Mal. They make an awesome pair with their contrasting colors, Mal with his deep reds and Will's currently-unnamed snake with its pale pink/whiteness. I'll try to get more pics of both snakes, once they are done digesting their dinner in the next day or two...

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