Saturday, January 18, 2014

recovery time for the pup

[Got delayed in posting was meant to be posted Friday afternoon. Added an update.]

Darwin is out of surgery and starting his recovery; we pick him up tomorrow [and then Will leaves for the airport for his business trip]. They had to completely remove his left ear canal; the cyst was further in than it first seemed, so that was the only choice. There was some worry about damaging the major facial nerve that runs by the ear canal, but they managed to avoid it. His anal glands were removed successfully; there was a little difficulty on the side that had ruptured, but they were able to get everything out cleanly and [deja vu] avoid the major nerve that runs right under the anal sacs, so no "diminished wink reflex" to deal with [after years of Bean and her own wink reflex problems, I am *extremely* relieved not to have to deal with another instance of it].

So tonight is a quiet night, while Darwin recuperates at the vet. Tomorrow is hectic and full: pick up Darwin, get any supplies needed for his after-care, Will finishes packing, and then off he goes to the airport. Fun times ahead.


UPDATE [Saturday]:

Darwin is home and resting. The surgeries went well; he has a drainage tube on the right side of his bum, incision in front of his left ear [which looks *amazing*, they did an incredible job], lots of meds to be given twice a day for two weeks, follow-up visits scheduled for drain removal in a few days and suture removal a week later, have to put cold compresses on both incisions 3-4 times a day for two days, then warm compresses for the next 10 days. He needs to be contained and supervised, no free roaming for the next two weeks, limited walks and mobility allowed. Going to be a long few weeks...

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