Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Every so often, I take something to help me sleep. And every once in a very rare while, it doesn't play nicely with me. Not sure exactly's just that sometimes it doesn't seem to fully metabolize by the time I get up, so I end up in a weird "out of it" state, almost hallucinating while my mind just wanders where it wants. It's quite freaky.

This morning was one of those times...I woke up and was *very* out of it [the point of the stuff is to "disconnect" you so you can stay asleep, and it works quite well]. I managed to send some email to my manager to tell him I would be a few hours late, then I lay back down for a while and rode it out. Never did get back to sleep, but *man* did I trip out...the main thing I remember was trying earnestly to reboot myself. I just knew that my sleep module was acting up, and if I could just get my system to shut down and restart, I'd be okay.

You know you are a dork [or a Windows IT person] when you hallucinate having to CTRL-ALT-DEL yourself...

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