Sunday, May 18, 2008

a bittersweet compliment

A former 'sharer-of-paths' told me recently that he "fucked up by letting me go". It was a short conversation, and a sad one...he said that he hadn't truly appreciated what I brought to his life, and wished that he'd known what he had at the time. He told me that whoever I choose to share my life with will be a lucky person, and to tell them he said so.

It was sweet, and flattering, and yet I'm not sure what his point was in telling me. Was he hoping I would say we should give it another chance? Was he angling for a return compliment and a singing of his praises? Or was he simply caught in one of those introspective cycles many of us trip over, where we play 'woulda-coulda-shoulda' with the decision forks of our past?

I chose to take it at face value and say simply, "Thank you". Whatever his motivation, it was a sweet thing to say, and kind of him to take the time and make the effort to tell me. And as for "being a lucky person", I've no idea what the future will bring me, but I do hope that when I do choose to share the path with someone, they feel as fortunate to be with me as I will to be with them. That's a good foundation for a relationship: where each person feels they are ridiculously lucky to be with the other.

So thank you for the kind words, sweet man...they are much appreciated.

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