Tuesday, May 27, 2008

i miss her

She had an eight-track player in her car...I remember riding beside her, both of us singing to "Hit the Road Jack" and "Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover" [to this day, any time I hear Ray belt out "What you say??", I smile]. She had a Kit Kat clock in her kitchen, black with jeweled bow-tie and eyes. She made excellent fried eggs, by which all others are judged. There was a weird marbled rubber mat in front of her sink, very squishy and soft to stand on, and a white metal cabinet with glass in the doors, where she stored her bowls. We spent a lot of time in that kitchen, made happy memories.

There was a light green metal chair on her porch, the kind that bounced a bit when you rocked back in them, solid but with small swirly cut-outs in the back. I don't remember any rust on it, but there must have been...those things always rust. This was at her smaller place, later on...there are also my memories of the big place back in the woods, with the outhouse [and the supply of prune juice <grin> ], playing in the attic, lots of wood everywhere, indoors and out. Happy times with family, back when innocence still ruled the day, before the realities of life hit and pushed me along the 'growing up' path.

She smiled a lot, laughed easily, hugged freely. She was comfort and peace and unconditional love. She stayed with us at the end, and I'm glad of that time. She was an amazing person, and I was lucky to have what little time we did. I often wonder what she would think of who I am today, and wish I could share with her some of the things that I've seen and done, have her meet people that are important to me, and share her with them.

I miss my grandma...it's been years since she left, and she still pops into my thoughts. I have my own Kit Kat clock now, and I make my own fried eggs...but it's just not the same.


Rowlock said...

One of my greatest regrets is that I never really knew any of my grandparents. Your grandma sounds like an amazing person.

I think she would be very proud of the woman her granddaughter has grown up to be.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to mention the etcha-sketch. I miss her to. I have often wondered if she would be proud of her grandchildren and what she would have to tell us. What would she think of her great-grandkids. I wish the boys had a chance to meet her. She was a wonderful woman and will always be in our hearts and thoughts. We were blessed to have her!

Hugs across the nation,

stacey said...

Thank you, cap'n... >>hug<<

And hugs back to you, munchkin...