Thursday, May 29, 2008

toed you so

Trip to Urgent Care today...whacked my foot on the tub as I stepped out of the shower, and a toe decided to protest by going all purple and puffy. Toughed it out through this morning's Oracle testing, but hied myself off to get x-rays right after. Luckily, no fracture, but it was iffy...they had to have the radiologist confirm the diagnosis. Treatment is the same either way, broken or contused: wrap the toes, ice them, take ibuprofen, keep the foot elevated, no strenuous activity. If broken, they would be wrapped for 2-4 weeks, but now it's just a week [whew].

I'm bummed about no working out,'s a good outlet. And I just signed up with a gym, too...figures.

The universe is laughing her ass off at me right now...

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