Tuesday, May 26, 2009

a much-needed recharge

A very good, very mellow weekend...it helped that it was a three-day one. Slept in on Saturday, which I haven't done in a while. Rambled about, chilling, playing with cats, reading, then headed south with Will to get some practicing done on my bike [he found a very cool parking lot that was perfect].

After we got back, we spent a relaxing evening starting to get caught up on Fringe episodes, which continued into the next day...interrupted only by a very random trip to CostPlus and the purchase of some more-fun-than-expected half-yard glasses:

Much Corona, a few limes, and an entire bag of Lime Tostito chips were consumed...amazing how easy it is to work your way through a box of Corona when drinking out of 650ml glasses. More Fringe watched, a very fun and somewhat tipsy evening was had, and thanks to judicious ingestion of aspirin and water, we even managed to avoid nasty hangovers the next morning [mostly].

Sunday was way, way mellow...lounging about, enjoying the weather, heading out for some Johnny Rockets [mmm, vanilla Diet Coke], finally finishing the Fringe season [we were waaay behind, but now we are caught up]. Then sadly it was time for the long weekend to end and real life to encroach again...darn it. :^(

But it was a very, very, very good weekend.

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