Wednesday, May 06, 2009

hisgraine, hergraine, yourgraine, migraine

Another migraine, only about three weeks after my last one. Definitely weird...for years, I've only been getting these maybe every quarter or so, if then. This one was [is] bad: three separate instances of sparklies and obstructed field of vision [the middle one was near total...very freaky], and the pain is still hitting after almost 24 hours now. It was bad enough that I was in tears at my desk, and I finally threw in the towel and headed home. So I had an evening of Excedrin Migraine [aspirin, acetaminophen, caffeine] plus ice packs, and a heating pad for the resulting knot in my back [a nasty one, sensitive to even a simple touch]. At work now with a ball cap pulled low over the eyes, bottle of meds on the desk, trying to move as little as possible.

And can I just say that I have the coolest guy ever? He dropped everything to drive me home, stopped to get food and meds for me, then made sure the dogs were quiet and things were nice and dark for me when we got there. He kept me distracted with DVDs since I couldn't nap, and pretty much spoiled me rotten. He's a good one... <smile>


The Barry's said...

I am sorry you are getting migraines. I suffer from them too. I just got imitrex and it helps a lot. I am very sensitive to caffeine so I do not do any of it. I actually get migraines form it. No chocolate and another one I can't do is dried fruits of any kind. Get better.

stacey said...

Thanks for the kind wishes, Christine. I've heard good things about Imitrex...if these keep up, I'll ask my doctor about it.