Wednesday, May 20, 2009

ugh, busy, blegh, better

Ugh: 90 to near-100 degree weather over the weekend, no AC. But on the fun side, we recharged Will's AC in his car [Pep Boys sells DIY kits...who knew??], and it worked beautifully. Huzzah.

Busy: Trying to close April, pack up old office, get settled into new office, and finish audit, all at once. Cue circus music.

Blegh: Something I ate didn't like me [or the heat or stress or not drinking enough water or who knows]...missed a day of work, but Will was sweet enough to bring my laptop and some paperwork home for me so I ended up getting some really good work done in between "interruptions".

Better: Feeling better now...hopefully whatever it was has passed. Now I just need to get some good sleep, and I'll be back a little closer to 100%.

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