Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a catch up post

Vegas was a lot of fun. Won about $300 at penny slots [half was when playing a "John Wayne" machine, as a nod to my dad], saw Blue Man Group [], many cookies eaten from the Grand Lux Cafe in the Venetian [yum, piping hot chocolate chip with almonds], temps were *ridiculous* [high of 114 one day, over 110 the others, it never got below 90 the whole trip, even in the wee hours of the morning], went to Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum [it's a very strange phenomenon staring at lifelike wax replicas...somewhere in the deep recessed of your instincts, you expect to see movement and breathing, and the caveman brain gets a bit woogy and confused when it doesn't happen]. We were upgraded to first class on the way out, which was nice; return trip was "economy plus", with extra legroom, so not too bad. A good trip.

Saw "Inception" [good movie, see my previous blog post] and "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" [not bad, actually...not great, but diverting]. Streamed "Planet 51" from Netflix, and liked it. Watched "Rat Race" on DVD; some good bits, a few pretty funny lines, a lot of "ugh" eyeroll bits; it was pretty much a remake of "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World", but with a more charity-minded ending.

Lost a day rebuilding my iPad...installed the latest OS update, and it choked on reboot. Tracked down the issue to "USB timing issues", which wasn't a lot of help, but finally got it pulled together. Annoying fact: "backing up" the device doesn't actually back up everything...only the base settings and photos were restored, none of my music, apps, or the way the screens were organized were restored, so had to be done manually.

Went to the GameStop midnight launch of StarCraft II with Will. I was one of only about three chicks there, which made me giggle. Had a good conversation with a fellow geek about Piers Anthony, Tracy Weis, and other authors; helped more than a few lost souls find the right line; and actually made it out in a fairly short time.

Meh, that's a good enough overview to jog my memory later on...way back when, I started this blog for myself, and to give my parents an idea of what was happening in my life over on this side of the country. Now that they are gone, there's not real reason for me to keep posting...I do it more for a diary-type record of things I did, places I went, people I shared moments with, just for myself. Not sure if anyone else reads it [though I have it on good authority that Will's ex still checks in regularly...sigh]; with the exception of the phone bill fraud post [which is still getting comments, crazily enough], there's really nothing here for anyone else. Maybe I'll migrate my brain babbles to another place some time...just don't care enough to right now.

So for now, business as usual...lots of time elapsed between posting, then one long rambling catch-up entry, then radio silence, and repeat. But it works, and it gives me a source for answers to those "when did we see that movie/band/friend/whatever?" questions that come up every once in a while...


Anonymous said...

There are people that love you and read your blog. Our own little way of keeping connected to you, but also letting you have your SPACE!! Just remember lady I love you and so do the rest of your family in Ohio Antimony

stacey said...

Big hugs, you much.

(Can you send me some email so I have your address? The one I have is old... :^( Thank you... )