Wednesday, July 28, 2010

i'll just say it...

I didn't think "Inception" was all that confusing. In fact, it was pretty straightforward. You had to pay a bit of attention, but still, it was all laid out, all handed to you on a nice shiny silver platter. Major exposition, major hints as to where you were, when you were. The only ambiguity was in the ending...and that was blatantly manufactured uncertainty, designed to leave you with a talking point, to get you to carry the movie out into the real world and keep the buzz going.

Was it worth seeing? Most definitely. Was it as big a mind-frak as it's been made out to be? Sorry, but no.

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Todd said...

RE Inception: Perhaps the reviewers thought it was so confusing because they couldn't wrap their minds around the concept of time dilation and/or got muddled in the scene changes between dreams. Was the first movie I've seen in months which wasn't based on a comic book or purely CGI.