Tuesday, April 07, 2009

still breathing

Struggling, but still breathing. Missing my mom, missing my dad. Trying hard to get caught up at work, but it's rough since there is no one cross-trained on what I do [so when I am out, nothing gets done and it all waits for me to return]. People as individuals are being amazing, but the bureaucracy is unforgiving...because the team is *supposed* to be able to cover if any one person is unavailable, management doesn't/won't make any allowances for my time away. Plus they've moved a deadline *up* by a week and a half, right in the middle of an annual audit...I'm trying hard to keep it all together.

But hey, I've got the okay to work as much overtime as I need to... [sigh]


Anonymous said...

Hang in there. Love sent to you!


stacey said...

Thanks, Jen...back at you.