Saturday, October 02, 2010

tire + staple = no bueno

My car starting giving me "hey, your right rear tire is low" warnings late yesterday...finally found a gas station with a working air pump [why is it so hard to find one these days??] and found this lovely treat:

It's a big-ass industrial staple, lodged rather perfectly in the tread. Annoyingly, I can't get the tire replaced until Monday. You see, when I bought the car, I was "smart" and bought the tire warranty...since these are run-flat tires, they aren't cheap, so it seemed like a great idea to get the replacement warranty and save some money in the long run. The problem is that the warranty can only be handled through the dealership that sold it. This means I can't just go to Big O Tires, or Tire Warehouse, or We Be Tires, or Tires R Us...I *have* to go to the dealership. And it seems that the dealership can't get warranty approval on weekends, so I am stuck with a stapled tire until Monday morning.

Joy, rapture, bliss, happiness. Said sarcastically, of course.

Grumble. No sarcasm in that one.

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