Monday, January 31, 2011

a straight line to the soul

A while back, I went to Live 105's "Not So Silent Night" with Will and Susy. It was a great show, with an awesome line-up: Broken Bells [I really liked might know their song "The High Road"], The Black Keys [different style, also good], Phoenix [amazing lighting, best sound mixing I've heard at a show *ever*, very personal and personable band...definitely a highlight], My Chemical Romance [also amazing, very high energy], and Smashing Pumpkins [ was only Billy Corgan with some random folks playing, sound mix was horrible, he didn't play some of the more popular songs].

I was having a great time...we went for the "Not So Subtle VIP" package and it was a blast. I was enjoying hanging with Susy and Will, being a "VIP", the show, the music, the vibe, the crowd.

Then My Chemical Romance ended their set with this:

When I was out with Dad before he died, one of the things he said to me frequently was "the hardest part of all this, kiddo, is letting go of you"...and here is this song that makes me think of Mom and Dad and all they went through and all they gave me and all that I miss.

So there I am among thousands of people, bopping away, when suddenly the music smacks me upside the head and the heart, and I can't quite hold back the tears [I am lucky to have wonderful folks like Will and Susy in my life...they stood on either side of me and quietly held my hands, gave me their shoulders to sniffle on, and made it okay to be sad].

Why am I posting this now? Because the song just came up randomly on my playlist and brought it all back.

I love music. It is one of the major things in my life that gives me joy, comfort, peace, excitement, release. But sometimes, often when you least expect it, it becomes a direct line to the emotional center of that nebulous thing we call a soul...

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