Monday, September 13, 2010

adding to my kellett collection

My Artist's Editions of Dave Kellett's latest books "Drive" [his new SF series] and "Literature" [the latest Sheldon book] came excited. When Dave publishes a new book, he makes a limited number of special editions available [usually 250 or 300] that he stamps with a custom design for the book, numbers, draws a sketch on the inside front cover, and signs. I can't imagine the time it takes for him to do this, and I love that he does.

And how awesome is this?? Number two...w00t!!

[that's Dave's "woo-hoo" on there :^) ]

I've got AEs of all of his books except his first two, and those he signed and sketched in for me when I saw him at the San Francisco Cartoon Art Museum ages ago]. So now my Kellett collection consists of eleven of his books [which I think is all of them], two originals of his Sheldon strip, and the two sketches that he made for me at the Cartoon Art Museum.

Here is my collection, all in one place:

I didn't intend to become a collector...I just really liked the comic and wanted the books. But when I saw that he was going to be in San Francisco, I jumped at the opportunity...and came home with autographed books and personalized sketches. When I got the chance to get the originals of some of his strips that meant a lot to me, I snagged them. And I couldn't pass up the Artist's Editions of his books...if I'm going to buy them anyway, why *wouldn't* I get the signed and sketched in ones??

So there you have it: a full-blown collection that started a bit at a time. Guess that how most collections isn't until you look back that you realize you've gotten hooked. Many thanks, Dave, for something so awesome to be hooked on.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a couple books to read...

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