Wednesday, September 12, 2012


A while back, I made a blog post about lessons I learned from a past relationship. I was very careful to not include anything that clearly identified who I was talking about; the point wasn't to cast aspersions on a specific individual, but instead to talk about the lesson that a person can be a very good human being and still not be a good match for you. It's looking like I was a bit *too* effective at obfuscating the subject, as I've gotten some folks making assumptions as to who the post was about [which also shows that I seem to keep some details of my relationships a bit quiet as well, since no one [other than the other person involved, of course] knew who I was referring to]. Since the point was to avoid making anyone the spotlight of the post, I need to be honest and make sure that someone else doesn't bear the brunt of what I folks, just to let you know, it wasn't about Greg [who was also a good person, just not the one I was writing about]. There were lessons learned in that relationship as well, but not the ones I wrote about in that post...

So here's to learning lessons, to having good people in your life, to being able to move on if your paths diverge, and to constantly trying to improve yourself.

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