Wednesday, September 26, 2012

once in a lifetime [sadly]

On September 21st, Will and I headed to Moffett Field to see the shuttle Endeavor; it was crossing the country on its last piggy-back flight before being grounded at a museum in Los Angeles. It was a bittersweet day...awesome to see the flyover, but sad to know that this was the end of the shuttle program and there would be nothing comparable to replace it any time soon [and if so, it will only be through the private sector]. The folks gathered around were definitely kindred spirits, there to see an amazing sight...and most everyone seemed to echo the same sentiment: such a shame to see a dream fade.

Some pics from the day, and after them, the video I took of the flyover:

I had always planned to see a shuttle launch "some time" just never occurred to me that they might stop happening someday. This was my last chance to see a shuttle other than in a museum...I'm glad I went.

[for best results, view in Youtube and choose the highest resolution your bandwidth is happy with]

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