Sunday, February 25, 2007


Well, boys and girls, our tired cynic is growing more tired and bitterly cynical [or cynically bitter, if you prefer]. At 72+ hours in the "it will take 24 to 72 hours to become active" cycle, things still didn't work. No domain, no website, no email, no teeth from the grinding and gnashing.

Called the wahoos. Nice guy says, "Hmm...for some reason, though I see that your new account was activated 72 hours ago, the system thinks you just signed up right before you called me. So I've escalated it to the engineering level for you so they can reset it and get it working."

Sounds good, right? But know it can't be *that* easy...

[fade back to our tired cynic on the phone]

Nice wahoo: "Escalations take 24 to 48 hours for resolution."


[Why do I have this awful feeling that I will be back on the phone with the nice but frustrating wahoos in 48.0001 hours???]

[Stop that! Think positive!! {side note: that should be "think positively", you know} Anyway, positive thoughts. It will be resolved by the crack escalation team of wahoos in even less time than they said! And I'll get a full refund!! And they will send me flowers for being such a loyal customer for so many years!!!]

[Oh my. I think the hold music must have gotten to me. Somebody send help, stat.]

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