Saturday, February 17, 2007


Went to retrieve my trash can from the curb last night, only to find that my neighbors had missed trash day and put two bags of trash into *my* can after the fact. It's the second time they've done that...the last time, I just ignored it. This time, I took the bags, closed them up [they hadn't bothered to], and set them in front of their gate.

How did I know it was theirs? By the pieces of mail in the bags, one of which I set prominently on top of the bags. Yeah, it sounds a bit petty, but trash service in Palo Alto isn't cheap...I've already lowered my account to the smallest can they will allow to save money, and then these rude kids come and fill my can 2/3 full the day after trash day, leaving no room for my own trash next week.

Annoying. Especially when you try to be a good neighbor yourself, bringing over mail that was accidentally delivered to you, picking up random bits of trash along the shared walkway, delivering FedEx packages that were incorrectly left on your doorstep, being sure to leave the shared driveway accessible, stuff like that.


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