Friday, February 23, 2007

well, poo-monkeys

My swoopy Samsung i730 smartphone arrived [finally...annoyingly, using the "faster, easier" PayPal method adds a 4-day waiting period for the electronic transfer...grumble, grumble]. arrived. And it's scratched and beaten up, darn it. Yes, I knew it was refurbished. That was the point, save $300 by buying it from a third-party company. However, their website said "Factory Refurbished to New Condition!" [exclamation point is theirs]. It may work fine, and it does come with a 90-day manufacturer warranty, but it's all beaten up...scratched, scuffed, and even a couple of gouges in the plastic. Definitely *not* "new condition". I've contacted them to see what they can do, but it's yet another delay and I can't use it in case I have to return it...and [start whiny voice] I want to play with it nooOOOOooowww!! [end whiny voice]

Harrumph. Grumble. Harrumph harrumph. Whine. [Or whinge, if you are part of the Empire.]


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