Saturday, September 29, 2007

a peaceful day

Didn't sleep much last night, but made up for it with a very peaceful day. Got up early to feed the cat, sat with both of them as I read for a while, then got some small things done around the house. Wandered back into bed and read some more; was joined by both cats [one curled up on my chest/arm, the other behind my knees]. As cat owners know, this is a most powerful soporific...who am I to flaunt the wills of the feline overlords?? So yes, a nap ensued, most comfy and comforted. Up a bit later, more small things done, then into the shower...nice, long, gingerbread-scented one, big floofy towel. Been busy working on taking care of some inner conflicts and soothing the heart/mind, and today helped with some body/physical pampering.

Tonight is still up in the air: could be dinner out and a book, with some nice alone time; could be checking in on a sick friend; could be working in a bit of geocaching; could be curling up with some wine, candles, and a movie; could be going out to celebrate a friend-of-a-friend's birthday; or could be nothing at all, giving in to mindless telly and a Lean Cuisine microwave dinner. Any and all have their appeal...

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