Saturday, September 08, 2007


Bean is hurting. She is meowing a lot, and her hind legs aren't working very well...she's wobbling more, and she's falling down. Giving her meds now, and gave a bit of pain medication along with them to give her some relief. She's moving around, following me from room to room, so she's not totally incapacitated, but it's still not normal.

So now I really need to get the car working, in case I have to take her to the vet. Sigh. Just as I get a job, all these expenses pop up: the parking ticket, a new battery, getting stiffed on a concert ticket, the bronchitis and related expenditures, and of course it's also when bills like renter's insurance and car registration come due. Luckily I always try to pad for emergencies, but it would be really nice if they didn't cluster like this.

Going to go check on Bean, get showered and dressed, give a last 'pleasepleaseplease' try at starting the car, then call AAA. And put the sacrificial blanket on the bed, just in case poor Bean keeps hurting.

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