Thursday, September 27, 2007

so far, so good

The lunch was a lot of fun...the team is awesome, I felt really comfortable with them, and the camaraderie they have is quite obvious. Made me feel really good when they started saying things like "when you start, we'll <blah>" and [to the manager] "will you just hire her already??" My "propaganda pack" [resume, samples of docs/procedures/forms I've pulled together in previous jobs, a choice quote that a previous manager made about me, my "geek for hire" business cards] made a good impression, which was nice to hear. It also made me feel good that I was able to contribute to work-related conversation, and that I could talk to the helpdesk folks, the server guy, and the Linux guy and be comfortable with the varied and various threads. Got a call from the corporate recruiter later in the evening; we are going to talk more tomorrow about benefits, corporate culture, and the like...I'm taking that as a good sign. :^)

Since I was right across the street for lunch, I headed over to Code Green and met up with some of the old gang. Good gods, it was nice seeing them...I've missed them, and don't get to see them near enough. For being there a short time and for the company not being a good fit, I made some really good friends, ones that are worth hanging on to.

Met Lawrence after work, grabbing dinner with him and his kids, catching up, hanging out. Played "zombie" with the incredibly-energetic young ones...they "buried" me with pillows and cushions, then I climbed out of my "grave" as a zombie and chased them around [I was the dreaded "tickling zombie" ha haa haaaa!!!!]. Finally dragged my butt home about 11pm or so, fed the cat, got some stuff done, and am now trying to calm the brain down enough to get some sleep.

[An aside: It's funny...just as I have realized [or allowed myself to realize] that I need to take a look at the relationships in my life and start closing some doors, to make the tough decision not to cling to the ones that I put more into than I get out, some really good friends pop back into view. It makes me appreciate them that much more for their rarity, and hopefully knowing they are there will help make it a little easier when I finally do get the courage and energy to move on from those acquaintances that are just too much pain, drain, or strain to really be good for me.

The hardest part is that all the people around me are good people...but I deserve people in my life that can give *and* take, people for whom I can be there and who can be there for me when we need each other, not just when convenient. I'm damn lucky to have more than one of those true friends...

...and I'm glad I've got them.]

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